I never was a fan of making animal portraits but when an artist friend invited me to paint live to raise funds for the Parc Safari, I just went with it. It produced great results and the public really enjoyed it! So I'm adjusting to that new thing and it pleases me! Surprisingly! hehe[az_gallery_images images_gallery="1649,1651,1654,1656,1658,1660,1662,1677,1679,1681,1683,1685,1687,1689,1691,1710,1712,1714,1716,1718,1720,1722,1730,1732,1734,1736,1738,1740,1756,1758,1760,1762,1764,1766,1768,1770,1943,1945,1947,1951,1953,1955,1957,1959,1961,1963,2124,2122,2120,2118,2114,2112"]