I had the opportunity to use my skills in Fashion as a graphic artist designing prints, patches etc. I  discovered that I loved that part of the business and I am so grateful to still do some freelance for Canadian companies such as Kärv, Rüfen, Sinville and Lady Dutch. It's great to combine graphic design and art at the same place! SOME of my work...[az_gallery_images images_gallery="674,309,308,307,305,304,303,302,301,300,299,298,297,296,295,294,293,292,291,290,289,288,287,286,285,282,1632,1634,1636,1638,1640,1642,1644,1646,2035,2033,2031,2029,2027,2025,2023,2021,2019,2017,2015,2013,2011,2009,2007,2005,2003,2001,1999,1997,1995,1993" gallery_columns_count="4clm" gallery_wall="yes"]