In the last years (2016-2018), I made a diversion. I found myself tackling other portraits such as birds of prey, parrots and buffalos... It's still portraits for me. For me, love is really intro portraits. I put them aside for a while but I can't wait to go back to them and explore more avenues. I had some courses on live models pastel drawings with an amazing teacher. She helped me to find a way to translate my hand drawing in pastel.  Again, I have another project I want to elaborate in this medium but hey! Don't tell!;) If you see anything that captures your eye and heart, please let me know! Enjoy![az_gallery_images images_gallery="1773,1775,1777,1779,1781,1783,1785,1787,1789,1791,1793,1795,1797,1799,1801,1803,1805,1807,1811,1813,1815,1817,1819,1939,1941,2053,2051,2049,2047,2045,2042,2040,2038,2036,2092,2094,2096"]