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Human - Refract

Art Crush #5 - Hueman

I am following multiple artists on instagram and one of the first I discovered via that social media, is Hueman, Allison Torneros. I love how she decrypts human faces, making it 3dimensional. Plus the colours are gorgeous! Splashes of paint, drips and gestural texture just gives it, its uniqueness. How would you describe her work?

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Eric Robitaille - armure

Art Crush #3 : Eric Robitaille

Ok I know, it's been a while but Hey! School is over, the kids are with me and our house is now on sale.. phewwwww! Can't say I'm on vacation! ;) So anyway, I have soon many art crushes lately, it's hard to choose who will be mentioned here. Montreal en art was last week and there was ALOT of talent there. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to head over there but saw on Facebook many astounding artists. So my crush was on  Eric Robitaille's work. Mixing abstracts and imagery like a pro. Love the colours, the gold and everything. Check out his work and don't forget to go on Montreal en art's Facebook page to view all those amazing discoveries. Cheers!


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Art Crush #2 : Claire Desjardins

So now, you can't say there isn't creative people out there in Montreal! Claire Desjardins is the living proof of that and I absolutely love her work. What amazes me the most, is her imaginative ways to put her work out there and she seem to have no limits to her capabilities. She is humble and wants to share her knowledge, which is more than what some certain artists do. I'm in awe because she sells her work on  Anthropologie (a store that I clearly don't have the money for!!). You don't know her yet? Well go take a look to her website Claire Desjardins and her blog, which shows off her work progress and her aspirations. If one day, she opens up a place in her atelier, believe me, I would love to be there! On that note, here is some (a small portion) of what she does.[az_gallery_images images_gallery="1561,1563,1565,1567,1569" gallery_wall="yes"]

Art Crush #1 : Mette Lindberg

I've been a fan of Pinterest since the beginning and now, with over 25K of followers, I can't remember everything I pinned. Sometimes though, some artists catch my eye and get those inspiration juices going. You can call them Art Crushes. Since I'm not that selfish, thought I could share them with you guys. Perhaps, I could point you to some of the great artists from around here! But in the meantime, here is my first crush :  Mette Lindberg. Really, I just love the way she uses different techniques, like spray paint and acrylic, patterns, black and white but also many stunning colours. She even shows you the progressions of her paintings, which is really cool to share! Did you ever see her work?[az_gallery_images images_gallery="1533,1535,1537,1539,1541" gallery_wall="yes"]You can check out some of her work on my pinterest board "Abstracts" and some tutorials in "Techniques". It's realllllly cool! For more details... Mettes Maleri


Ok, I know I haven't been here much for the past... what 3 years?! My, time flys by and I shouldn't have any excuses but a third baby kinda is a good one! That, and work taking most of my time, I haven't been up-to-date with my website neither my art!

So, now that I'm thinking of taking that part back and being inspired by Austin Kleon, I decided to post my work for the past 2 year and be consistent. You can find stuff on the menu up there or in the Work panel too. Feel free to put a comment there, as I always love to hear from ya! And don't forget to subscribe to my mailing list for updates! Cheers!

Austin Kleon's Show your Work
Austin Kleon's Show your Work


First Prize for the Symposium Artistes sur le champ

I would like to thank everybody I met at the Symposium Artistes sur le champ in Chambly, Qc. I won the first prize from the jury for my participation under the theme Identities. I am so thankful! The only hic came from the news paper and all the media that said that I come from Montreal. Though I lived and love Montreal, I come from Thetford Mines and now live in Chambly. Better luck next time in nailing that! ;)melissa_wilcox_prize_chambly


Fête des Arts

I will be part of the Fête des Arts of St-Basile-le-Grand in september. Alot of great activities on the menu and much much artists to visit. Please check out their website!

The Annual Contest at the AAPARS

I have been selected for the Annual Contest at the AAPARS, so I will be in the exhibit featuring 72 other artists. I am quite happy with this news as I had a perfect score on my presentation. Hurray!