So now, you can't say there isn't creative people out there in Montreal! Claire Desjardins is the living proof of that and I absolutely love her work. What amazes me the most, is her imaginative ways to put her work out there and she seem to have no limits to her capabilities. She is humble and wants to share her knowledge, which is more than what some certain artists do. I'm in awe because she sells her work on  Anthropologie (a store that I clearly don't have the money for!!). You don't know her yet? Well go take a look to her website Claire Desjardins and her blog, which shows off her work progress and her aspirations. If one day, she opens up a place in her atelier, believe me, I would love to be there! On that note, here is some (a small portion) of what she does.[az_gallery_images images_gallery="1561,1563,1565,1567,1569" gallery_wall="yes"]