I've been a fan of Pinterest since the beginning and now, with over 25K of followers, I can't remember everything I pinned. Sometimes though, some artists catch my eye and get those inspiration juices going. You can call them Art Crushes. Since I'm not that selfish, thought I could share them with you guys. Perhaps, I could point you to some of the great artists from around here! But in the meantime, here is my first crush :  Mette Lindberg. Really, I just love the way she uses different techniques, like spray paint and acrylic, patterns, black and white but also many stunning colours. She even shows you the progressions of her paintings, which is really cool to share! Did you ever see her work?[az_gallery_images images_gallery="1533,1535,1537,1539,1541" gallery_wall="yes"]You can check out some of her work on my pinterest board "Abstracts" and some tutorials in "Techniques". It's realllllly cool! For more details... Mettes Maleri